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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Blake a posted Wed at 11:21

Hope it is a wonderful holiday for everyone.

For the SWTOR folks: 
 New Conquest is selected:  Black Hole.  Get your conquest points in by Sunday.  Any help is welcome, as this week looks to be really PVP heavy on Conquest points.

Also: While RP night will still happen on Turkey Day, there won't be any story run, just social RP.  If you are home and want to see your Guildies, some will be on to hang out.

For the die hard Landscapians and Everquest folks: 

Have a great Holiday, if you are celebrating it. Lucite is still your go to person for everything going on there.

RP Night tonight

Blake a posted Mon at 17:31

Blake will be the special Guest GM tonight, we will be begining a side arc that leads to the new Guild Ship.  Come play with us, and see how things unfold.

There will be mayhem.. and robot pieces.. and research.. and the mystery of the AI that spreads via audio waves... where will it go next!

Happy Birthday Aurhia!

Blake a posted Nov 19, 15

It's our fearless Co-Founders Birthday.  Take the time to wish her a good one.

As a prize for all her hard work she has our total admiration and adoration, and this message on the front page.

And Cake.. 

<.. damn that was a lie>

Sair's Pride

Aurhia Seelund a posted Nov 9, 15

Shrine to Lady Luck

Good work everyone! We've finally opened up our guild ship, the Sair's Pride. The common room (in the northwest corner of the main floor's map) has all the available utilities, and all the amenities you'd expect on a Seelund ship (yes, I mean the bar). Upstairs from there you can find the shrine to Lady Luck which will also soon include meditation and reading spots to the side and maybe some game tables. I mean, it IS Lady Luck's shrine.

Head on into the forum and cast your vote for which floor you think we should unlock next.

SWTOR's 5-year skip

Aurhia Seelund a posted Nov 1, 15  -  swtor

The content of the new swtor expansion spans five-plus years. What happens to Seelund during that time? Read more here: Seelund Time Skip