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Started in early 2010 on the Venture Co. Server in the World of Warcraft as a refuge for tired officers, casual players, and RPers wanting independence from military orders, Seelund Trading Company is made up of swashbuckling traders, pyromaniacs, and loyal soldiers looking to fight the war a little differently. Led not by a general, but a CEO; masters not of war, but of trade; led to battle not by disciplined soldiers, but rowdy drunks and eccentric scientists, STC started different, and remains different.

Believing in the mantra "quality over quantity," Seelund Trading is a small group of close individuals, loyal to the company, always willing to help their comrades, and always up for a good fight, be that on the field of our enemies, or in a bar among our allies.

Seelund has always been known as a guild of creative writers, hard working event developers, and PvP commanders, united by the simple rules: support your guildmates, support your guild, and be the best at whatever you choose to do. We demand nothing but civility, require nothing but a sense of humor, and most important, want nothing but what you are willing to give.

Since our founding in WoW, we have moved to include Star Wars: the Old Republic on Jung Ma and Guild Wars 2 on Tarnished Coast, and are already building a reputation there as good RPers and good fighters, despite our small numbers. With a list of events and storylines already in the works, we aim to be the the first name that comes to mind when someone says "RP guild" on the server!

Does this sound like you? Then Seelund wants you! Fill out an application (GW2 | SWTOR | WoW) today!

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